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Self-care rituals: the facial steam bath with chamomile

This facial steam bath conjures up a fine, radiant complexion with chamomile and other ingredients that you are guaranteed to have at home. This beauty ritual is as refreshingly simple as it is effective. The steam gives your skin extra care and lets stress evaporate. No wonder holistic beauty care is reviving this classic. You can find tips for the special pampering effect here!

Self-care ritual: facial steam bath with chamomile | Five Skincare

Photo by Sunny Ng on Unsplash

Time for holistic beauty care

Beauty comes from within. Not only from the personality, which of course contributes a lot to it. But your mental well-being also has a very concrete effect on the condition of your skin. Unfortunately, how strong it often only becomes apparent when things don't go well. A hectic everyday life can be just as much a trigger as events that suddenly drastically shut down your normality. In times like this, mindfulness is more important than ever. Find your way back to spiritual balance . Master the mental tree pose and help your skin from within!

Yoga is a great keyword here, because it is known to be good for both the body and the psyche. This holistic approach is incredibly effective for beautiful and healthy skin. This is how self-care rituals help you to feel comfortable in and with your skin. One of my very personal favorites for inner balance and radiantly beautiful skin is the facial steam bath. Of course you can simply heat water and hang your face over it, but the tips below will make it really effective and deeply nourishing !

Hot steam for beautiful skin

When your skin is deflated, you're steaming! The facial steam bath is a hot tip for anyone who wants fine, pure and rosy skin . Especially when it combines steam with an exfoliant and nourishing oils, as detailed below. So this self-care ritual is good for you in several ways:

  • The steam opens the pores and makes you sweat a little. This is housecleaning for the skin and flushes out impurities .
  • Disinfectant additives such as salt or chamomile gently and naturally clarify the skin .
  • Nourishing oils or moisturizing serums can work deep into the skin .
  • The steam bath stimulates blood circulation and conjures up a rosy complexion .
  • The heat relaxes the facial muscles . It makes you look more relaxed.
  • The skin then cools down and the pores contract again, which smoothes and refines the complexion .
  • Enjoy around 20 minutes of time to yourself - a moment of rest in between or to prepare for falling asleep.

What you need for the facial steam bath

Holistic beauty does n't have to be complicated . It is often the simplest measures that have the greatest effect. And that's the great thing about the facial steamer: It's super effective and you usually have everything you need at home . As that would be:

  • A large saucepan filled with water about 5 cm high
  • Salt and organic chamomile tea
  • A medium and a small towel
  • A face scrub of your choice
  • Your favorite facial oil
  • Optional: a moisturizing serum for afterwards

🌼 Your trio for beautiful skin: The steam opens the pores, the salt disinfects and the chamomile soothes the skin. This is how a particularly gentle cleaning is achieved.

There's no such thing as impossible - how to replace what's missing

If you don't have any of these at hand, don't worry either. You can easily substitute most of them or leave them out if necessary. Instead of chamomile tea, you can just as well use chamomile oil or fresh herbs. Chamomile usually grows on embankments or along the side of the road from May.

No scrub in the house? You can just touch it yourself. My tip for this: water and chickpea flour . I have tried many recipes and this very simple one has convinced me the most. Chickpea flour impresses with its fine grain and peels much more gently than sharp-edged sugar or salt crystals. It is also suitable for the face. By the way, the article with the right peeling tells you how to get the perfect peeling !

Since after applying the facial oil there is "steaming up" again, you should really use an oil here, not an emulsion . If you do not (yet) have a facial oil you trust, a natural vegetable oil such as argan, almond or jojoba oil will do . Otherwise I would like to warmly recommend our FIVE facial oils . They are specially composed for different skin needs. 

☝️ Tip : If you want to use a homemade scrub or face oil, mix it up beforehand and cover it until it's your turn!

Camomile in the steam bath soothes stressed skin | Five Skincare

This is how the chamomile facial steam bath works 

The steam bath gets rid of dead skin cells, cleans deep into the pores and lays the perfect foundation for the nourishing substances to take effect. That's why it's a good choice as part of your evening skin care routine . So your skin can fully benefit from this treatment overnight, the prime time for regeneration. 1 to 2 times a week is enough.

Another advantage in the evening: the steam bath helps to wind down. Let all the worries of the day fall away and find yourself. I like to put on relaxing music and make myself a tea for that real spa feeling . Ready? Then we come to steaming.

🦥 Take your time and carry out all the steps in peace. There is absolutely no need to rush here as the water stays hot and steaming long enough.

  1. Clean your face, neck and décolleté : If you don't have any make-up on, lukewarm water is sufficient, otherwise use a mild make-up remover or oil to remove your make-up thoroughly.
  2. The steam bath : Fill a spaghetti saucepan about 5 cm with water and boil it. Add a teaspoon of salt and a bag of organic chamomile tea . Hang a towel over your head and let your face steam for 6-8 minutes - careful, hot!
  3. Exfoliation time : Remove face from the steam and lightly pat dry before applying your scrub.
  4. Deep care : Has the peeling been thoroughly rinsed off? Then comes the care. Apply the facial oil to the still damp(!) skin. Let your face steam again for 6-8 minutes . The combination of water, oil and heat allows the care to take effect particularly deeply.
  5. Take off excess oil. To do this, carefully test whether the water is already lukewarm before you dip the clean, small towel into it. Wring it out and gently place it on your face for a few seconds.
  6. Moisturizing serum : For example the FIVE facial serum with hyaluronic acid . This step is not a must, but it is really good. Enjoy the feeling of freshness and pamper your skin with bulging moisture depots.

Take a moment now and feel into yourself . How did you feel before, how is it now? Take another close look at your complexion, the size of the pores, the complexion, the firmness. Focus your attention on your facial muscles on the forehead and on the temporomandibular joints. Because in addition to all the positive effects on your skin, the calm and the warmth also help you to relax and feel better. Try it!

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Make mindfulness everyday, not the exception

As the saying goes: One swallow doesn't make a summer? Neither will relaxing once work miracles. In order to really benefit from it, we have to be good to ourselves in everyday life. So listen to your body , pay attention to all the little warning signals it gives you when it needs more attention. One of them is the condition of your skin. It is the mirror of your well-being and sometimes shows less beautiful truths.

Then it says: Don't put additional pressure on yourself because of the skin problem, but consciously let go of what is stressful . This is exactly where these small care rituals help , as do mindfulness sessions, relaxation techniques or simply going for long walks more often. Leave the problems at home and focus on the beautiful things around you. With more inner balance, the condition of the skin levels off again.

Take care!
Your Anna

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