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Pflegendes Gesichtsöl für trockene Haut | Five Skincare
Gesichtsöl mit Sanddorn | Five Skincare

facial oils

Make your skin glow with our light facial oils made from all-natural and vegan ingredients. Buy your facial oil to match your skin type and use the golden-yellow beauty elixir pure or combine it with the FIVE facial serum for the maximum moisture boost and super-fast absorption.

The right facial oil for every skin type

A nourishing facial oil should not be missing from any day care routine. By combining base oils with active oils, it can be used specifically for various skin needs . At FIVE you will find the right care oil for every skin type.

Facial oil regeneration

The facial oil with jojoba and squalane ensures soft, smooth and well-nourished skin. Sea buckthorn oil, rich in antioxidants, supports cell renewal and protects against free radicals, while lavender supports skin regeneration.

This is your facial oil if you would describe your skin as rather dry and/or mature and you are looking for a facial oil that nourishes well, protects the skin from aging and supports regeneration.

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FIVE Gesichtsöl Balance | Five Skincare

Facial oil balance

The facial oil keeps the skin supple and protected from drying out with squalane. Jojoba oil regulates sebum production, reducing the risk of clogged pores and breakouts. Anti-inflammatory ingredients in black cumin and grapefruit soothe the skin and counteract redness and impurities.

This is your facial oil if you describe your skin as normal to oily or combination, perhaps notice impurities from time to time and are looking for a light and balancing facial oil.

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Natural facial oil from Five Skincare

Gesichtsöl Hauttyp Five Skincare

FIVE facial oils - quickly absorbed and light

Our facial oils are light and - when used correctly - do not leave a greasy film on the skin. The reason for this is the vegetable squalane, which we use together with cold-pressed jojoba oil (organic) as a base oil. Squalane is one of the most spreading vegetable oils. The spreading value defines how quickly an oil spreads on the skin. The higher it is, the lighter the oil feels.

Use your facial oil sparingly. Since it has no filler, it contains the full plant power in concentrated form. One to three drops applied to damp skin is enough for the nourishing effect. If you like, treat yourself to a loving facial massage. This promotes blood circulation and tightens the tissue. In addition, the warmed skin can better absorb the facial oil.

The facial oil is absorbed fastest in combination with the FIVE facial serum. Apply both together and a few seconds later your skin has absorbed the care and feels soft and smooth.

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