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This is how you can switch to natural cosmetics

There are many good reasons to bring more nature into your care routine. But perhaps concerns about skin problems, allergies or oily hair are making you hesitant. So let's say this in advance: natural cosmetics care at least as well as conventional products. However, you can make some mistakes when switching to natural cosmetics. We'll tell you how to make the switch and what you should pay attention to.

How to switch to natural cosmetics | Five Skincare

Are natural cosmetics better than conventional cosmetics?

The question is actually what you expect from cosmetics. Conventional products are sometimes available for very little money or often promise great immediate effects. However, you are introducing a lot of synthetic ingredients into your body. Some of them are considered dangerous for you, others have an extraordinary impact on the environment - during production and when you wash them off again. Many people no longer want to make this deal and are looking for natural care for their skin and hair.

So would you rather have products that sustainably care , nourish and ensure a natural balance? Natural ingredients achieve this. Since manufacturers of natural cosmetics usually care about nature itself, they usually pay conscious attention to sustainable raw materials, fair trade or even reject animal ingredients.

☝️ But you also need to be careful here, because greenwashing is common in cosmetics. More on this below.

Common concerns before switching to natural cosmetics

Of course, natural cosmetics are usually not cheap - they contain high-quality raw materials. And there are countless myths surrounding it. That's why we'll first clarify the questions that make many people hesitate.

Question 1: Doesn't there have to be chemistry in it for it to work?

Everything is chemistry. With every breath, substances are chemically transformed. This also happens with natural cosmetics. The skin can process their ingredients very well because they are similar to the body's own components. In contrast, what your skin has no use for is mineral oils. They just stick to it and then migrate into the water cycle.

And then there are synthetic ingredients that isolate or intensify a specific effect of a natural substance. They basically mimic nature so you can see effects faster. But beautiful skin is a long-term project that needs to be viewed holistically. There are no short cuts, but there is something like a cosmetic yo-yo effect. Quite a few people destroy their skin with ultra-intensive facial treatments – peeling treatments, high-dose retinol, etc. – and then return to natural care.

Question 2: Does natural cosmetics give you dry skin?

Natural cosmetics in particular effectively counteract this skin problem. However, you may experience dryness during the transition if you switch too abruptly. Why is that? The cause of dry skin is a holey skin barrier. Water escapes through it like a sieve. Conventional cosmetics solve the problem by using silicones or mineral oils to seal the skin. Of course, this only treats the symptom. If you stopped sealing from one day to the next, more moisture would escape.

This is why a gradual switch is important for very dry or structurally damaged skin. This way she can regenerate and learn to cope on her own again. But natural cosmetics take care of the causes of dry skin in a much more sustainable way.

Question 3: Don't natural cosmetics always contain alcohol?!

No. Alcohol is a natural preservative and is therefore a popular ingredient in natural cosmetics. However, many people avoid this ingredient because it irritates the skin. Personally, I feel the same way. I react to alcohol in care products with reddened skin and sensitive skin. So I can totally understand that. We consistently avoid this with FIVE products. There are also natural cosmetic care products WITHOUT alcohol, because nature has other preservatives in stock.

☝️ My tip for sensitive skin : Make sure, especially when it comes to facial care, that there is NO alcohol , alcohol denat, in the list of ingredients. or ethanol is listed. Do you want to know more about it? Then read my article Alcohol in Cosmetics .

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This is how you can switch to natural cosmetics

If you have now decided to go more natural ways, please don't throw everything away straight away! Especially not products that you actually enjoy using. Firstly, that would not be very sustainable. Secondly, the change is often best achieved little by little . The skin needs time to adjust.

When it comes to skin care, you can alternate between using your existing products and natural cosmetics. Or mix a little of your new facial oil or serum with your usual day cream. The skin slowly but surely gets used to the new care.

When zero therapy makes sense

The route via zero therapy is tough but effective if you want to change your care fundamentally and quickly. This is what happens when your skin is completely out of balance . So you react hypersensitively, perhaps even to contact with water.

The only thing that helps is to stop ALL cosmetics for several weeks and then gently start over again. Many of our customers have made it through the zero therapy (I like to call it “horse cure”), usually after years of odyssey. It's not easy, but it's truly the start of better skin.

🚨 Your skin sends SOS? Here is our detailed instructions for zero therapy aka Rosskur .

How quickly does the skin get used to natural cosmetics?

As a rule, getting used to it takes about one regeneration cycle. This is around 4 weeks for young skin and up to 6 weeks for mature skin. That's how long it takes to restart the skin's own processes. Synthetic ingredients manipulate this very strongly, making the skin more permeable here and sealing it there. So she is no longer used to working. Then you come along with your new natural cosmetics and suddenly you have to do something again. Who wouldn't be irritated by that?

  • Slight irritation and pimples are normal . But both go away again.
  • Allergic reactions are not normal . So sudden swelling, severe itching, dizziness and the like. Then you should stop using the product and do an allergy test. Maybe you have a reaction to a certain ingredient that you need to avoid.

📚 Reading tip: This article tells you how to distinguish “normal” sensitivity from a contact allergy.

Where to start with the switch to natural cosmetics?

Body cleansing and care

Start with products that you use daily and on a large scale . Shower gels, for example, are simple. You can even find natural alternatives in the drugstore around the corner, for example solid shower gels or bar soaps. Both are super sustainable because they are economical and require little packaging. Switching from body lotion to a natural body oil is similarly easy. It immediately feels really good and is very tolerable.

🌴 Palm oil and sustainability : Palm oil is often saponified because it makes a great foam. But the material also has critics - keyword monocultures and so on. Unfortunately the No. 1 Alternative Coconut oil is not really better because the yield is smaller and the plantations are also monocultures. If you want to avoid these two, avoid sodium palmate and sodium cocoate . There are also manufacturers who do without both, like Terrorists of Beauty .

Natural cosmetic deodorant

There are also very effective alternatives to deodorants. In some cases, they even reduce the smell more than conventional deodorants. It is not yet available as an antiperspirant, i.e. to prevent sweating itself, because that still requires aluminum.

Experience has shown that natural deodorants with baking soda work best. Do you already know our deodorant without perfume with only four ingredients?

Naturally beautiful makeup

Wow, a lot has happened in decorative cosmetics in the last few years. There are wonderful products with which you don't have to compromise on color intensity, application, durability and so on. The switch definitely makes sense when it comes to lip products - we lick them off quite often without noticing.

☝️ Tip : The FIVE Shea Cream is ideal as a lip balm and is full of natural, mostly organic ingredients. To the FIVE Shea Cream!

Also brilliant: natural foundation . My recommendation is mineral make-up. Simply in powder form with no frills. We have already explained what needs to be taken into account in our blog post on mineral make-up.

Natural cosmetic toothpaste

Did you know that most conventional toothpastes contain plastic ? And they end up directly in your mouth twice a day. This is over with natural cosmetics. It uses completely natural lubricating gel particles for cleaning and teeth whitening. Just try it out!

Switching to natural cosmetic hair care

“Natural cosmetic shampoo makes hair greasy” is an objection we often hear and read. That's not true either. What natural cosmetic shampoos do differently :

  1. They use milder, natural surfactants for cleaning. They sometimes foam less, which can give you the subjective feeling: “This isn’t really cleaning properly.” Don’t let that put you off, even mild shampoos clean the hair!
  2. You save yourself silicone . They use conventional products for more shine and glory. Natural cosmetics use plant oils for similar effects. But they can only really develop their effect once you have washed out all the silicone. This takes several weeks.

You guessed it: once again the crux of the matter is the change. You just have to go through with the hair. Unfortunately, replacing or mixing products gradually makes no sense here. Perseverance is the order of the day . And by the way: Many people switch from synthetic to natural without any major incidents. It also depends on the condition of the hair.

☝️ Tip : Feel free to try out several products (one after the other, of course). You should change your shampoo regularly anyway. And the range of natural cosmetic hair care ranges is now huge, including hair soaps and shampoo bars . There is something suitable for every hair type.

Don't fall for greenwashing

We often read “contains argan oil”, “nourishes with fruit extracts” and similar things from conventional manufacturers. Because they also know that plant power sells well. This is why the risk of greenwashing is very high when it comes to care products. Even natural cosmetics is not a protected term . Seals, on the other hand, are meaningful. Find out which seals say what - they often don't go as far as you might expect.

Many smaller brands , including FIVE, are not exactly brimming with seals, even though they meet the requirements or are even stricter. Because seals are simply an enormous cost item that often cannot (yet) be borne. That's why we at FIVE currently "only" afford the vegan flower. What many people don't realize is that it means much more than just avoiding animal ingredients. That's why it's also helpful: choose brands consciously. Visit their website and read up on the philosophy.

A word about vegan cosmetics : Natural cosmetics are not automatically vegan. Bar soaps in particular often contain animal ingredients. If you are looking for something vegan, pay attention to the vegan flower. By the way, it also adorns the FIVE products.

Sustainably packaged for the environment

When it comes to environmental awareness, it's not just the inner values ​​that matter. As a rule of thumb: the less packaging, the better for the environment. Sometimes you get small bottles with a lot of cardboard around them or heavy jars that look bigger than they are. Therefore, always take a look at the quantities. Also remember that concentrated products and those without water are more effective than, for example, a two-phase cream (oil + water in one).

💡 The FIVE products all come WITHOUT outer packaging and are filled in glass bottles. They are produced not far away in Bavaria. Product empty? Then you can simply rinse them out and reuse them - here are a few ideas for upcycling .

Good luck with the switch!
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