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Black cumin oil - your anti-pimple power for impure skin over 30

They were already a thing of the past, but now that you're over 30, they're reappearing massively, the pimples? Late acne is the problem and affects many of you, at least in phases. But don't despair, help is at hand. Black cumin oil gives natural cosmetics the finest anti-pimple power. Wait a minute, oil for oily skin? Oh yes, because this oil has special properties. It eliminates impurities and at the same time protects against drying out. Black cumin oil spoils the complexion twice over.

Black cumin oil - your anti-pimple power for impure skin Ü30 | Five Skincare

Black cumin oil - gentle and effective against skin impurities Ü30

A herb has grown against greasy and impure skin: black cumin. The oil of these pretty flowers is extracted from their seeds, which look like mini charcoal briquettes. And they are full of good properties that put an end to pimples and blackheads. Black cumin oil is more of an insider tip here, but in Arabia and India it has been considered a beauty elixir for centuries. No wonder, then, that its effectiveness has already been well researched and proven . Find out how black seed oil removes impurities from the face and décolleté without irritating the skin.

🧖‍♀️ Black cumin oil helps against blemishes at any age, but adult skin has special needs when it comes to “depimples” . So let's take a look at its great effects on late acne here .

Late acne: where does impure skin come from in adulthood?

Impure skin can really spoil your mood. When you're over 30 and suddenly feel like a pubescent crumble cake, that's tough. Now that everything was going well and you were finally at peace with your look, all of a sudden pimples and papules sprout again in heaps. Late acne can have various causes, such as stress, hormones or diet. Of course it is important to work on the causes, but you can also improve a lot through skin care - including with black cumin oil, but more on that in a moment. Because something is different now than in the Sweet Sixteen...

Impure and dry at the same time - why you are now dealing with 2 problems

Either way, there is an additional difficulty in adulthood: While impure teenage skin is normally well moisturized, adult skin is generally drier . Maintaining the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor) becomes harder work over time. Water is lost more easily, the skin loses its elasticity and protection. She now reacts immediately irritably to aggressive treatments . Resist the urge to degrease, pick and scrub away pimples with a vengeance - you gotta be strong now! Leave the cleansing gels and lotions you know from your teenage years behind, otherwise you'll get reddened, scaly skin as well as impure skin.

But even with comparatively gentle degreasing, you may have the feeling that signs of skin aging are increasing, i.e. the first wrinkles are getting deeper or you see more dryness lines . It goes without saying that the choice between pimples and wrinkles is difficult – you have left one behind and you are not yet ready for the other. What you need now is a new strategy that suits your adult skin.

☝️ The Big 3 of care for impure skin :
1.) let blemishes subside,
2.) regulate sebum production and
3.) Prevent moisture loss.

Black cumin oil: Effective against impure skin

Black cumin oil is a very potent active ingredient oil that has been used for beauty care in the Mediterranean and the Orient for ages. Today we also know why: It contains nothing but valuable active ingredients that pay off especially with impure skin. Because they bring exactly the 3 skills that your skin needs now:

  1. black seed oil  fights inflammation and bacteria.
  2. It regulates sebum production and dissolves cornification.
  3. And it strengthens the skin barrier.

Studies show significant improvements after 60 days . They even show that a black seed tincture is just as effective as the traditional benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, but much less aggressive 1 . So, if you have concerns about applying oil to blemished skin, you can safely sort it into the skin myths ;-) But let's take a closer look at black cumin's talents.

1. Black cumin oil reduces blemishes

First things first, because – let's be honest – this is the problem that interests you the most. Pimples are caused by bacteria that feed on excess sebum. Of course, if the skin produces too much of it for some reason, it's a feast for these pests. They multiply happily and are trapped in the pores in many places by the sebum . Underneath they do their mischief and cause papules, comedones (the one with the black dot in the middle) or inflammatory pimples.

So how does an oil help here? The seeds of the black cumin counteract the impurities. Thymoquinone 2 , essential oils and other active ingredients fight bacteria and inhibit inflammation . In this way they kill the polluters and alleviate the unsightly effects. Redness and purulent inflammation subside and your complexion looks more even. The structure of black cumin oil is so slim and flexible that the active ingredients can penetrate to the spot. This gets to the root of the problem and eliminates it particularly effectively.

2. Black seed oil regulates sebum production

Doesn't that clog the pores? No, Don `t worry. The lipids in black cumin oil are mainly polyunsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid and γ-linolenic acid. As already mentioned, they manage to pass through the cell membrane so that they can become active deep in the skin . So they don't cling to your skin from above like mineral oils do, but are absorbed and processed.

The lipids in black cumin oil also have a positive effect on cell metabolism . They soften calloused areas and regulate the unbalanced sebum production, so that impurities do not appear in the first place - at least not so severely, a pimple here and there can never be avoided.

3. Black seed oil protects against moisture loss

Linoleic acid is an important part of the skin's natural barrier and black cumin seed oil is rich in it. It supplies the skin with supplies for regeneration and helps it to protect itself against moisture loss over the long term. This is a huge advantage over traditional anti-pimple routines that consist of harsh washing and clarifying. Because even the milder ones dry out the skin. Surfactants do not differentiate between "good" and "bad" lipids, but also wash away parts of the protective barrier . To compensate, conventional care is based on supplying the skin with new moisture. But she does little to keep them to herself.

Oils have a clear advantage here. Instead of tricking or fighting the natural barrier function, they support its function. Nourishing lipids combine with water on the skin and absorb as a dream team. They repair porous or broken spots in the protective layer to retain moisture . The result is not just a better moisture balance, but also protection against impurities, a firmer complexion and better prevention of dryness lines. 

We recommend for impure and oily skin: The weightless FIVE facial serum for a moisture kick and the FIVE facial oil Balance with organic black cumin oil against pimples.

Clarify and care - 2 birds with one stone

Just when you're frustrated because your previous skin routine is causing tension, black seed oil is a game changer. It is not only well tolerated , but also has wound-healing properties . You're even doing irritated skin a favor. It also fights impurities, regulates sebum production and regenerates the protective barrier. With skin-friendly care, you don't have to choose between pimples and premature skin aging, but clear your complexion without losing moisture . You can say goodbye to the gentlemen ifs and buts with this care routine. And this is what she looks like...

Your care routine for impure skin

Since the black cumin oil already has an anti-pimple effect, you can save yourself degreasing cleaning gels. Instead, simply wash your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water and then apply a combination of moisturizing serum and face oil with black seed oil . Sure, sometimes you just can't avoid covering up blemishes. But make sure to use high-quality make-up (preferably mineral make-up ) that is as free as possible from additives (which can irritate your skin) and is not too oily.

And very important: carefully remove make-up in the evening . But gently. For example with a make-up remover oil . By the way, the most thorough way to clean is with the Oil Cleansing Method . You should avoid an additional rich night care, it is not even necessary. You can only apply a light moisturizing serum if you feel your skin is particularly dry. So you slip completely relaxed into the sheets.

Once a week you can treat yourself to a gentle clay mask , preferably with white (kaolin) or pink clay. It supplies minerals, refines the complexion and makes you look fresh.

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