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Living greener: The best sustainability blogs for inspiration

Sustainability blogs: ideas for a sustainable life

Sustainability and consumption, two words that don't go well together, in my opinion. Because the most sustainable thing is not to consume anything. But we cannot live on air and love alone. So how should I make my everyday life greener? Which products are environmentally friendly and does sustainability always mean doing without?

The founders of the sustainability blogs presented here also asked themselves these questions. They have decided to document their journey and are taking us along on their journey. Never demanding perfection, but always inspiring and helpful. Get tips on natural cosmetics, fair fashion and living with these blogs.

Elizabeth Green

At you will find a universe of ideas to make your life a little greener. Since 2013, Elisabeth has been blogging about topics such as sustainability in everyday life , natural cosmetics, fair fashion and healthy eating.

This is what makes Elisabeth Green special: Elisabeth is a real professional when it comes to evaluating ingredients in cosmetics and additives in food. And if you are looking for a natural cosmetic sunscreen, then you should definitely take a look at the legendary and annually updated sunscreen tests , because here every new release is basically pre-tested for you and you then only choose the best product for you .

Peppermynta – The Eco Magazine

Peppermynta – The Eco Magazine

Photo: © Katharina Oppertshäuser

I can still remember a call from Fenja in 2016. She had just found out about FIVE and wanted to write about us. Back then, we were both just starting out: FIVE wasn't much more than an idea and Fenja had just founded the eco online magazine Peppermynta . You already know what happened to FIVE. But if you don't know Peppermynta yet, then it's high time to immerse yourself in the incredibly great cosmos. If you are looking for inspiration for products that are not only beautiful but also sustainable and fair, then you will find it here. From fair fashion to natural beauty and everyday things, the Peppermynta team curates everything that makes up a sustainably designed everyday life.

This is what makes Peppermynta special: the texts are aimed at all people for whom sustainability means more than sorting out the garbage. Fenja and Lara are stubborn and really dig deeper when something doesn't seem to make sense to them. Their contributions have already gotten some supposedly green stones rolling. I particularly remember your detailed articles about the sale of Oatly to Blackstone and the critical article about silver in period underwear .

Fashion Changers Magazine

Fashion Changers Magazine

Photo: © Emilie Elizabeth

The name says it all: The trio of founders around Jana Braumüller, Vreni Jäckle and Nina Lorenzen set out on a mission to change the world with fair fashion. They are editors of Fashion Changers magazine in which they examine and question sustainability and fairness in the fashion context and educate us about the ecological impacts and precarious working conditions in connection with the fashion industry.

This is what makes Fashion Changers special: In addition to the magazine, the fashion activists undertake a wide range of activities to implement their mission. With the annual specialist conference and the networking and consulting services, they offer support for labels and fashion creators. They are also authors of the book Fashion Changers. How we can change the world with fair fashion , which is aimed at buyers and serves as a guide to fair fashion by introducing labels and shedding light on the background.

More fine sustainability blogs

The list is constantly being expanded.


This blogazine deals with the entire spectrum of sustainable consumption and was founded in 2017 by Laura Mitulla, who is also responsible for some of FIVE's beautiful photos. The writers Laura, Eddie and Celine focus on the topic of minimalism . They show that minimalism does not mean sacrifice, but rather added value. As you can probably imagine, I think this approach is great, as FIVE's philosophy goes in exactly the same direction. Laura also shares inspiration for an environmentally friendly life on Instagram: ©lauramitulla .

Sustainable Life

Melanie and her daughter Joy founded their sustainability blog in 2021. The journalist and the biology student are not only connected by their mother-daughter relationship, but also by their common interest in a sustainable life . What started as a family project in 2021 has already grown into an informative blog with well-researched articles that help us make sustainable decisions in everyday life.

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