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Everything you need to know about skin oil

Skin oils are only suitable for caring for dry skin or in winter? Incorrect! The right oils pamper your skin in every season and regardless of your skin type. Would you like to know what is important in oil-based skin care and which oils are best suited for which parts of the body and applications? Then read on now and immerse yourself in the world of the beauty elixir with us.

Skin oil | Five Skincare

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Skin oil – suitable for every skin type?

Skin oils are true all-rounders : they nourish, protect and leave the skin feeling supple and silky. And best of all: They are suitable for daily care of all skin types: whether normal, dry, oily or combination skin. Wait a moment! Sounds too good to be true? Is not it. For the following reason: By combining base oils with active oils, body oils can be tailored specifically to different skin needs . Let's discover the variety of uses of this all-rounder in skin care together!

Wellness for the skin: This is what skin oils can do

Skin oils…

  • are a natural source of antioxidants and vitamins .

  • provide fatty acids that promote healthy cell function, maintain the skin's elasticity , soothe it and protect it from moisture loss.

  • are multifunctional and suitable for use on the face, body and hair.

  • have an anti-inflammatory effect.

  • balance the skin's oil production .

  • do not require any additives such as emulsifiers or preservatives to develop their full effectiveness.

  • protect the skin barrier .

  • are highly concentrated and therefore highly effective even in small quantities.

Adding fuel to the fire: “Good” vs. “ Bad” skin oils

With all these wonderful properties, you might think that nothing can go wrong. So go to the drugstore and buy the next best skin oil. Just a moment, because we must not forget: not all oil is the same. Many conventional cosmetic products contain synthetic oils (mineral oils) that are obtained from highly refined petroleum. In natural cosmetics, however, only natural oils (vegetable oils) are used that are similar to the skin's own lipids and can be utilized by it. Both types of oils have their advantages and disadvantages in skin care:

  1. Mineral oils are well tolerated, but offer your skin nothing that it can use. They lie like a film on the surface of the skin and seal it. The result: short, plump, smooth skin .

  2. Vegetable oils have a higher irritating potential, but nourish your skin and can be metabolized by it. They provide fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants that care for and protect your skin in the long term. The result: a natural, long-lasting glow .

If you would like to know more about the different effects of synthetic and vegetable oils, take a look at our article “ Is mineral oil-free cosmetics always better?”

This goes down like oil: “light” vs. “heavy” oils

It's not just vegetable oils and mineral oils that have different effects. There are also different modes of action within vegetable oils that are more or less suitable depending on your skin needs. An important factor for differentiation is the so-called spreading value . The spreading behavior indicates how plant lipids are distributed on the skin after application.

  1. Light oils have a high spreading value . They are easier to spread on the skin and are absorbed more quickly. On the other hand, they have less care because they do not penetrate as deeply into the skin. One of the best-known quick spreaders in body care is coconut oil .

  2. Heavy oils have a low spreading value . They spread more slowly on the skin and have a greasier feel, but are richer. Slow spreaders, like the shea butter in our FIVE Shea Cream , are absorbed deeper into the skin and nourish it for a longer period of time. They are therefore particularly suitable for dry facial skin or rough areas of the body such as the elbows.

Our FIVE oils and their valuable properties

All the oils we use in our natural cosmetics have one thing in common: they contain 100% pure plant power . In addition, each oil has its own special superpowers:

Base oils

  • Jojoba oil : absorbs well and provides long-lasting protection against moisture loss

  • Squalane : feels very light and leaves the skin soft and smooth

  • Almond oil : helps sensitive and dry skin against moisture loss and roughness

  • Apricot kernel oil : mild base oil with a marzipan scent that has a skin-smoothing effect

active oils

  • Sea buckthorn pulp oil : particularly valuable for the skin care of dry or mature skin

  • Black cumin oil : ideal for blemished skin and even acne

Essential oils

  • Essential lavender oil : promotes wound healing and regenerates dry and stressed skin

  • Grapefruit essential oil: strong antibacterial effect helps contain skin impurities

  • Essential neroli oil : good skin tolerance and fresh, delicately sweet and bitter scent

Skin oils: something for every skin type

Thanks to the many valuable properties of all of these plant oils, we at FIVE have the right care oil for a wide range of skin and hair needs.

  1. Dry and mature skin needs an oil that nourishes intensively without weighing the skin down. The secret star is cold-pressed sea buckthorn pulp oil , which is contained in our FIVE Regeneration Facial Oil . It helps with cell renewal, promotes skin regeneration and is particularly suitable for the warm summer months as it nourishes the skin and is still light. For the cold winter months, however, we recommend the richer FIVE Shea Cream with shea butter, which provides intensive care and at the same time protects against wind and weather.

  2. Normal to oily skin : Oil on oily skin? At first it sounds like a contradiction, but it is not. The magic word in this case is cold-pressed black cumin oil . With its ultimate anti-pimple power, it regulates hardening of the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect. The FIVE facial oil Balance is therefore well suited for impure skin. Normal and combination skin also benefits from the jojoba oil it contains, which has a balancing effect on sebum production, thereby keeping it in a healthy balance.

Are you wondering what skin type you actually have? The answer is just an email away. Get advice, tips and inspiration from our free skin consultation .

  1. Thick, brittle, unruly hair : Oil as hair care is particularly recommended for dry and frizzy hair. The thicker the hair, the more oil it can tolerate without looking greasy. When it comes to the spreading value, the same applies to hair as to facial care containing oil: the higher the spreading value of the oil, the easier it is to distribute through the hair. Coconut oil or vegetable squalane are therefore particularly suitable for hair care. With the FIVE hair oil , consisting of light squalane and pleasantly scented neroli oil, you can give your hair silky shine and suppleness in no time.

6 brilliant ways to use our skin oils

1. As a make-up remover for face and eyes

Skin oils can be used excellently as make-up removal oil. A few drops of our FIVE make-up remover are enough to remove even stubborn make-up from the face and eyes. In addition, the oil nourishes your skin that is stressed by make-up and prevents skin tension. Removing make-up has never been so easy.

2. For deep cleansing and pimple fighting

The Oil Cleansing Method is recommended for particularly intensive facial cleansing for oily and impure skin. To do this, massage oil extensively into the skin of your face and place a washcloth moistened with warm water on your face until it cools down. The warm steam opens the pores and loosens calluses. With regular use, a beautiful glow is within reach.

3. As an alternative to face cream

Vegetable skin oil as facial care has two decisive advantages over classic face cream: firstly, it does not contain any unnecessary fillers and secondly, it contains neither preservatives nor emulsifiers. These are only necessary if the formulation contains water, as is common with conventional creams. Instead of unnecessary ingredients, you get pure plant power for maximum effect.

4. To enrich your face cream

You don't want to do without your face cream completely, but you feel like your skin is lacking that certain something in terms of care? No problem, because skin oil doesn't always have to be the protagonist, but can also be a wonderful supplement. Just one drop is enough to make your face cream richer .

5. As a rich body care product

You can pamper not only your face, but also the rest of your body with a plant-based skin oil. It is best to massage the oil well into damp skin immediately after showering or bathing. Wait a few minutes until the skin has completely absorbed the oil and enjoy the beautiful feeling of supple skin. Wellness at home is that easy.

6. For hair and tip care

Do you have thick, frizzy, dry, unruly hair that is almost impossible to tame? Then an oil hair treatment works wonders. Simply spread the hair oil on your damp mane, massage in and leave it on for a few hours. This replaces the conditioner, makes your hair soft and supple and gives it a silky shine. If you only want to care for the ends and improve combability, apply the oil to the still damp hair ends before brushing.

Daily pampering program: How to use skin oil correctly

  1. Less is more : Since skin oils are highly concentrated , you can use them sparingly - one or two drops for the face are sufficient. If your skin still feels greasy after 10 minutes, you've probably overdone the amount.

  2. The wetter, the better : facial and body oils are best absorbed and develop their nourishing effect when they are applied to skin that is still damp . It is therefore best to distribute the oil immediately after washing and massage in thoroughly.

  3. Dream duo: Oil kisses serum : Skin oil is absorbed fastest in combination with our moisturizing FIVE facial serum . Simply mix one drop of facial oil with two drops of serum in the palm of your hand and apply both products together.

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