FIVE in the most famous German TV start-up show: Showtime

Anna Pfeiffer Five Skincare Höhle der Löwen der Dreh

Part 3: Showtime!

The day of shooting had come. After a good night's sleep, plenty of make-up - because in front of the camera you need color on your face - and a hike through the vastness of the recording studio with my two suitcases, I arrived in Studio 38 in the morning. I should be there in the afternoon. But the waiting time passed quite quickly between interviews with moderator Amiaz Habtu, discussions with the recording manager and learning numbers one last time. Then it was time, I stood in front of the heavy studio door. Take another deep breath and go...

How I fought the lions?

Click here for the video (Update: Video can only be viewed with a subscription on TV-Now. Select season 4 of DHDL, episode 3)

The broadcast on September 19, 2017 was abouta half a year after the recording. Of course, a lot has happened during this time. You can find out how the broadcast made our servers glow in Part 4.

Photo: MG RTL D / Frank Hempel for VOX

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