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Better skin balance due to fewer ingredients

When the skin is out of balance, less helps, not more. With our natural cosmetics, we want to help your skin regain its balance. All we need are the most essential ingredients that we can count on one hand. Pure, pure and 100% vegan. This is Five Skincare.

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Natural cosmetics from Five Skincare

We have been bringing your skin back into balance since 2017 and offer natural cosmetics for all skin types without much frills. We concentrate on the essentials and use a maximum of 5 ingredients per skin care product.

Our 100% vegan cosmetics are based exclusively on natural raw materials, whenever possible in organic quality. In addition, we deliberately do without water. This is not only better for our environment, but also ensures that our natural cosmetic products are highly concentrated and very effective.

It doesn't matter whether you have oily, mature, normal or combination skin: In our range you will find the right care for your face and body. As experts, we are happy to advise you and share our most important care tips in our blog.

To ask?

In the beginning we manufactured our products ourselves in Zurich. We then invested a lot of time in the search for suitable partners and now have our natural cosmetics produced in close cooperation in Switzerland and Germany.

Since we manufacture small quantities, many work steps are still done by hand. The production is GMP certified and our products comply with the EU cosmetics regulation.

The easiest way to recognize real natural cosmetics is by reputable seals such as NaTrue, Ecocert, BDIH or Cosmos. But small brands - including us - often can't afford the expensive certifications. That is why our natural cosmetics are formulated according to the standards, but have not yet been certified. Of course, it is much more difficult to recognize real natural cosmetics without a seal. The best thing to do is to ask the brands directly.

We see our products as next-generation natural cosmetics. For us it is not enough to produce products on a natural basis, they should, wherever possible, consist of organic and natural raw materials and be 100% vegan.

We also think that you should know exactly about the content of the products, after all these substances end up on your skin. And that's why we always write the ingredients of our natural cosmetics directly on the bottles and jars.

Genuine natural cosmetics do not contain solid or liquid microplastics, petroleum-based ingredients, silicone or parabens.

By the way: All cosmetics that contain watery components need preservatives. But when it comes to preservatives and surfactants, natural cosmetics often use milder and mostly more environmentally friendly ingredients than conventional cosmetics.

Good to know: The term natural cosmetics says nothing about the organic content of the ingredients. It's worth taking a look at the list of ingredients, because the manufacturers indicate there if they use raw materials from organic farming.

You can also find all the ingredients on the packaging of our products. With us, this list is very short, because we believe that a cosmetic product only needs a maximum of 5 ingredients. Therefore, only the best ingredients make it into the top 5 in our natural cosmetics! Logically, parabens, microplastics, silicones and the like have no place in our products.

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Our natural cosmetics are registered with the Vegan Society
We offset 100% of the generated CO2 emissions